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Cake Flavors
Cake tasting by appointment only

* minimal charge for specialty cakes, fresh fruit and liquor applies.

Chocolate Rum *
Lemon Raspberry
Chocolate Strawberry Lemon Strawberry
Chocolate Strawberry Rum * Lemon Strawberry Rum *
Chocolate Orange Brandy * Vanilla Rum *
Chocolate Raspberry Vanilla Strawberry
Chocolate Raspberry Brandy* Vanilla Strawberry Rum *
Chocolate Creme de Menthe Vanilla Strawberry Amaretto *
Chocolate Mousse Vanilla Raspberry
Chocolate Banana Vanilla Raspberry Brandy *
German Chocolate Vanilla Pineapple
Black Forest Vanilla Pineapple Rum *
Banana Strawberry Vanilla Forest
Banana Strawberry Rum *
Vanilla Peaches and Cream
Banana Rum *
Vanilla Peach Amaretto *
Banana Walnut Rum *
Vanilla Peach Grand Marnier *
Carrot Cake *
Vanilla White Chocolate Mousse
 Champagne Raspberry Coconut Cream
 Red Velvet  *
 Marble Bavarian

Telephone: 602-279-5459
Fax: 602-279-5658
1219 East Glendale Avenue, Suite 26
Phoenix, AZ 85020


Fleur De Lis Cakes
1219 East Glendale Avenue, Suite 26
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Telephone: 602-279-5459
Fax: 602-279-5658

Please email us at: info_fleurdeliscakes@yahoo.com